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3m³ Crane Bucket Container Systems

Underground Waste Container System: A single-piece, poured-in-place concrete structure with C/35 quality concrete socket, reinforced with ribbed construction steel, fixed underground. Within the socket, there is a rotationally molded polyethylene waste collection chamber. The inner container, which can be manually lifted and opened on the upper platform, allows for waste disposal into the garbage truck with the help of a crane mounted on the vehicle, using the hook on the plastic waste bin inside. The upper walking platform ensures comfortable walking for individuals.

These containers are made from tear-drop patterned sheet metal. Our containers offer various chimney options and can be environmentally friendly with the possibility of applying the desired RAL color tones or sticker coating.

Hydraulic Discharge Unit

The bottom discharge chamber specially used in underground and above-ground models does not allow acid and liquids from waste to seep into the ground, and it does not harm the soil and the environment.

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