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5m³ Mushroom Attachment Full Underground Waste Container

  1. The underground container system provides an eco-friendly, aesthetic, and modern city furniture appearance while offering convenient usability. Above ground, only the waste disposal chute is visible, with the main container located underground.

  2. The underground waste container system is designed for use with a waste compactor vehicle that the driver operates remotely or with the assistance of an onboard crane. The crane lifts the container from the head mechanism, and the waste can be emptied by opening the bottom doors.

  3. The security platform features an elevator system that automatically closes the mouth of the pit to prevent objects from falling when the inner container is emptied or removed for any reason. The elevator system has a 250 kg lifting capacity, providing both ease of use and high safety.

  4. The upper walking platform is made of tear-drop patterned sheet metal, offering sturdiness that allows people to walk comfortably.

  5. The underground container system is manufactured in accordance with European standards for household waste and is designed for long-term use.

  6. The containers can be customized with various chimney options and can be made in environmentally friendly color tones (RAL colors) or with sticker coatings as per your preferences.

  7. The one-piece poured concrete socket is reinforced with water-resistant C35 quality concrete and ribbed construction steel to prevent water leakage.

Hydraulic Discharge Unit

The bottom discharge chamber specially used in underground and above-ground models does not allow acid and liquids from waste to seep into the ground, and it does not harm the soil and the environment.

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